Synchronised swimming coach Mrs. Ghada Kamal Eldin is looking forward working with girls from 5 years onwards who are interested to join this great sport. 


There might be people out there who believe synchronized swimming is funny, but one cannot deny the fact that it is one of the toughest sports out there. Synchronised swimming is swimming, dance, and gymnastics, all rolled into one! It is best defined as a series of dance steps perfomed over and under the surface of water. The choreography may look a little cheesy, but it’s loads of fun and one tough workout. While it may appear to be nothing but a glamorous sports, with the swimmers all decked up elaborate makeup, the reality is far from it.

In fact, synchronized swimming is one of the few sports that require the swimmers to posses a host of skills and different levels of physical fitness. Are you keen to try out with a few of your friends? Weel, then surely go ahead!