Kamchia is the biggest sports, Children and Health complex in Bulgaria, 25km south of  Varna.


It features  an indoor pool of Olympic size (50×21 meters) with a minimum depth of 2.5 meters and maximum of 5 meters. The pool is equipped with diving platforms, and suits for swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo.


All the premises are air-conditioned, and feature ventilation systems and a dehumidification system. The water temperature is kept on the level of 27-28°C.


The pool features 8 lanes, an area for water polo with movable goals, diving platforms set at heights of 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters, 1 and 3 meter springboards, an air cushion device to soften the impact on entry and other professional systems for swimming.

 Bulgaria, Kamchia Offer:


- SNGL,DBL, TRPL and QDRPL accommodation.

- Full board.

- 2 training session a day 2 hours each.

- Gym, soccer field, sauna included.