The Sport Center is one of the world-famous wellness complex that easily combines the training process, health and recreation.


The indoor swimming pool is 33 m x 25 m, which has 12 tracks.  A big advantage of this pool is the composition of water (one part of fresh water and one part of water enriched with minerals).  The pool can be equipped for playing water polo.  Around the pool there are bleachers.  They can accommodate about 600 people.


In addition to the swimming pool, we do offer: 

Multifunctional hall - Treadmill - Gym - Tennis court

Hotel Center offers various accommodation options. Each room has a private bathroom with a hairdryer, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and a balcony.  Members of sports teams can choose three options for food.  It can be a standard buffet, a sports menu or a vegetarian menu.


All sports facilities are located on site within walking distance.  The distance to the private beach of Igalo center is 250 meters.

Montenegro, Igalo Offer:


- SNGL, DBL and TRPL accommodations

- Full board.

- 1 training session a day 2 hour.

- GYM, football field, sauna, tennis court 1 hour a day.

- Laundry